msThe objectives of the Mass Communication programme include the following:

  1. to provide students with a balanced and broad-based training in the various fields of   mass communication.
  2. to provide sound, theoretical and practice-based education in the media-centred domains of mass communication.
  3. to equip students with knowledge of media practice in Nigeria, Africa and the world through the study of concepts, theories and methods that provide such knowledge.
  4. to expose students to modern developments and technology in information gathering and dissemination through the mass media, with emphasis on computer-assisted reporting and on-line journalism.
  5. to evolve appropriate philosophies and policies for the operation and management of the country’s communication sector.
  6. to engineer efficient and effective communication support services for our various human and national development programmes and objectives;
  7. to undertake research on a continuous basis into the state of our national communication media, and make the findings available to policy makers.

viii.to undertake studies in areas that will help the nation meet her VISION 20:2020 targets as well as drive the actualisation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).