Prof. Cecil Blake


In the past, Professor Cecil Blake worked at the Department of Africana Studies and the Department of Communication at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, serving as Chair of The Africana Studies Department for five years. Dr. Blake also served as Chair of the Communication Department at Indiana University North West in Indiana. He once served as Minster of Information and Broadcasting and Chief Government Spokesman in Sierra Leone. He also held senior research and administrative positions in the international system, with responsibilities for development projects in several sectors mainly in Africa and Asia. Widely travelled, he has authored several journal articles and books focusing on communication, as well as African development. Dr. Blake was a founding member of the Africa Leadership Forum, together with General (Rtd.) Olusegun Obasanjo former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He served on the TOEFL Advisory Board of the Educational and Testing Service at Princeton, New Jersey, and the Board of Directors of Panos Institute, West Africa. Dr. Blake has been working ardently to resuscitate the African Council on Communication Education (ACCE), in his capacity as Chairman of the Committee of Elders. Most recently, Dr. Blake established the Institute for the Study of Alternative African Futures (ISAAF) located in Freetown, Sierra Leone, against the background of challenges faced by fractured communities in emerging post-conflict states; increasingly sprawling ghetto communities in African states; the need for consolidating peace, and pre-empting internecine wars in the continent. Dr. Blake accepts invitations and presents motivational speeches as well as invited keynote addresses in several parts of the world.